Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back Home Again

So I just got out of the field again. And because of that, this is my first weekend off in two weeks. So far the time off has been pleasant, except for this persistent cold that I've had for about a week now. Anyway, the family and I have been doing some bonding type activities. The wife and daughter have even been civil to each other. A teenager being civil with a parent? Who could have guessed? They have even spent time together in the kitchen cooking, and not attempting to throw boiling water at each other. They even made a spur of the moment decision to make cookies. I did not help make them, but I did help each them. They were yummy.

This weekend is all rain so I don't know if I'll be able to take my camera out and shoot some pics. I signed up for a digital scavenger hunt a couple of weeks ago and I only have two weeks to post my shots, so I was hoping for good weather. But with bad weather like this I'm just going to have to get creative in the house. Hmm, I just remembered that I'm taking my camera in for a cleaning on Monday, so the hunt will have to wait until after that.

And that just about covers what was on my mind for today. Boring, I know. But not all posts can be riveting journalism. Ya gotta have some filler in there too. Maybe next time I'll post some pics here and explain how I shot them instead of just posting them on Flickr. That actually sounds like an interesting idea- to me at least.