Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Art Of Twitter

Anyone that's used Twitter before knows all about how it works. For those of you that haven't, and that's probably only one or two of you, you have 140 letters, characters, punctuation marks, spaces or whatever to communicate with other Twitter users. 140. Why 140? I have no idea, but sometimes it's a challenge to compress a large idea into such a small space. Take last night for example. I had just finished watching The Spirit and wanted to share my thoughts on the movie. What I wanted to say was this:

I just finished watching The Spirit and I can honestly say that I was really impressed. I love the look of the movie, very reminiscent of Sin City (another favorite of mine) but unique unto itself. The characterizations are 40's pulp perfect and highly engaging and its sense of humor is very colorful. Seeing The Octopus in the garb of another hero of the 40s, after a sense, was funny as hell. My only wish is that they make more Spirit adventures for the big screen.
But instead, this is what I was able to write:

Just finished watching The Spirit. Very cool movie. I like that it's a throwback to the 40s and 50s style of storytelling. Awesome stuff.
All characters, punctuation and spaces total 140. It's very short, but I think I'm able to get my main idea across, and I definitely think you get the message about me liking it. Half the fun of using Twitter is trying to be creative in getting your message across. It's a bit harder to do with only 140 characters, but far from impossible. Well, time to go practice, see you on Twitter.

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