Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amsterdam. Yeah, I've Been There

I took a trip recently to the Netherlands. The family and I went to Amsterdam and Keukenhof-which is where they grow a lot of the tulips sold around the world. It was a fun trip and I have a few pics here.

This is Amsterdam. There are canals everywhere, hence the nickname "Venice of the North. "
The wife wanted to go to The Grasshopper coffee shop and pick up one of their t-shirts. She got one for me the last time she was here and wanted one of her own. Unfortunately, we couldn't find The Grasshopper. That is until I looked at this pic and saw it in the background. Now at least we know where it is. 
This is the main entrance to Keukenhof. This is where they grow a lot of the tulips that are exported throughout the world.
Lots of pretty plants, and a ton more tourists.

I'm going to post some of these pics to my Flickr account the next couple of days, I'll put up a post when I get around to that.

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