Friday, October 8, 2010

Lesson Learned

So what lessen did I learn today? It's a pretty simple one that I plan to follow, at least for now. In way of explanation, let me give you a brief rundown of my day.

To start out I decided to get up early today so I could go to a site I scouted and take some shots. How early? 4 AM early, or in military parlance- zero dark thirty. I did have a good reason for getting up early, the site I wanted to shoot was two hours away and I needed to be there around sunrise for the best light. OK, so that's a bit early, but it would be worth the trouble if I got some good pics right? Except that I didn't get any pics. The area of and around the site had road construction. I could have parked and walked to get a few shots, but I would have had to do so through a few miles of rugged woodland. So that ended up being a wash.

After I made it back home I took a nap, I did get up at a time that most people have never seen after all. After I got up I had to do a few errands, to include dropping the kid off at her friend's house to have a sleep over. On the way home I got to thinking: "The light is pretty good (late afternoon) and it should be good for a while longer, why not go find a place to shoot nearby." I checked out a couple of local areas that I'd been meaning to get to, but couldn't find anything there worth getting out of the car for. Then I remembered a place I had been to, but hadn't seen fully yet. The bonus was that it's only about 10 minutes from home.

I get there and end up staying for a few hours, well into dark. I got some pretty good shots out of it to ensure the day wasn't a total waste. Check them out here:

So what was the lesson that took me most of today to learn? The lesson was that I don't need to go far to get a great shot. There's usually something closer and better that is worth the effort. That and gas isn't cheap.

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